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Djamel sghir

Djamel sghir

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Trisha le 2017-01-09
I found just what I was needed, and it was engitraenint!
Mgls le 2015-07-15
, he will still double his whiegt between 5-6 months, so why the panic?I know that this is all ultimately my choice but that does not make it any easier! As a mom, I'm worrying constantly that he's not growing fast enough, that I'm retarding his growth, or hurting him in some way! It's awful! In my heart, I know that after his surgery, he'll gain like crazy and this will all be over!In regards to this part of your response: For every week of formula, it does take something on the lines of at least 2 weeks of breastfeeding and/or probiotics to replenish bacteria as you were counseled. Do you have or know of any current research that supports this information? I cannot make a decision based on information that is 90 years old and I have been unable to find any other references supporting that research or any studies more current. I know that formula has changed a lot over the last 90 years so, that information may not be accurate any more, but I see it referenced over & over.Now, as far as starting solids, does food effect the gut the same way? And if so, will his gut go back to a breast fed gut without it when he's back to just breast feeding? I would prefer to add whole natural food to his diet, if I have to to keep him gaining, than to give him formula, but I'm not sure where to start. Thank you, again, for your quick response and all the wonderful information on your site!

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