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Earng le 2015-07-15
An assessment, wethher a few hours, a day or even a week isn't necessarily a true representation of a persons capabilities or achievements. A person (stranger) sitting watching/talking can be unnerving for a child, or an assessor who does not know the child or what they were like approx 6 months previous OR even the fact if the child is having an off day ..can all give wrong results or not show the true progression.Only family, friends and teachers are capable of giving a true evaluation as it should be evaluated over a certain time period and not just a few hours.Everyone who knows Bilal can obviously see and notice a huge positive change in him and the huge steps he has achieved. He will continue to improve on a daily basis, as will all other children. He may not necessarily be at the national average in certain areas or near where he should be for his age BUT name another 8 year old who knows all the words to all the Michael Buble songs, knows all the makes/models/badges of every car or who has even got to that coloured belt in karate whilst knowing the japanese names of techniques, that generally older and more experienced people would know?We all know Bilal has a great sense of humour and I really doubt anyone would suggest you laugh at him (looking at previous post). He is such a fun kid and has a great giggle on him. Why wouldn't anyone laugh along with him.Love him for who he is, be proud of his giant leaps (even if others are incapable of seeing them!) and show off the amazing talents he has and will continue to have.x

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